Fidelity, Black Rock Take Crypto World by Storm: BTC Up 50%

• Fidelity Investments and Black Rock are two of the world’s biggest investing companies who are expanding their reach into the crypto and blockchain spaces.
• Bitcoin has experienced a major increase in price, going from about $16K to $28K per unit in the last few months.
• Many analysts believe that this upward trend is due to anticipation for next year’s bitcoin halving.

Fidelity and Black Rock Expand Crypto Influence

Fidelity Investments and Black Rock – two of the biggest investing companies in the world – are slowly expanding their reaches into the crypto and blockchain spaces. Fidelity has long been a crypto player, allowing retirees and those with 401K funds to invest in digital assets like BTC and Ethereum. This move caught a lot of people off guard, but it hasn’t stopped Fidelity from continuing to explore this space. Larry Fink, chief executive of Black Rock, commented on exploring permissioned blockchains and tokenization of stocks and bonds as areas relevant to their clients.

Crypto Prices On The Rise

Bitcoin is up more than 50 percent from where it ended 2022, reaching a nine-month high at around $28K per unit at time of writing. Last year saw digital assets lose about $2 trillion in valuation with bitcoin dropping by more than 70 percent- reaching an all-time high of about $68K per unit in November 2021 before hitting around 16K by December 2022.

Anticipation For Bitcoin Halving

Many investors and traders anticipate another bitcoin halving taking place next year which could be attributed to the recent surge in BTC prices according to some analysts. A halving is an event that happens every four years where rewards miners receive for verifying transactions on the blockchain are cut by half- reducing supply of new coins entering circulation through mining activities.

Reaction From Politicians

The move from Fidelity caused certain politicians such as Elizabeth Warren from Massachusetts to become very angry due to allowing people with 401K funds access to digital assets like BTC or Ethereum during bear market conditions last year when prices were falling sharply.


It seems that Fidelity Investments and Blackrock continue working together towards expanding their influence over cryptocurrency markets while people seem more confident now after witnessing a rise in bitcoin prices recently despite 2020 being one of its worst bear runs ever recorded with losses totaling more than 2 trillion dollars across all tokens/coins available on exchanges worldwide as well as anticipating future events such as halvings which could potentially drive further gains during upcoming months or years ahead!